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shyshakespeareanwriter asked: Hi. sorry if i annoy u again. Have you heard about the ASL Ice Bucket chellange? What about james trying to throw a bowl of ice on jed for having him wet and cold so james can "warm him up"? Not a request, just a stupid suggestion that came to mind.

Of coures, I heard about that chellange before ‘w’)/

and…Maybe this will happen XD…

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shyshakespeareanwriter asked: Hi. First of all: your arts are amaizing, especially the bofur/nori ones. XD Then I would like to ask you a question: since you ship bofur and nori, have you ever considered to ship also the two actors? Not criticizing, just curious.

Thank you for your message <3 <3 <3

I like this ship for 2 month and YES!! I ship James and Jed too ><)!!!!!!

Feel free to ask me :D